Your Final Walk-Through Before Closing

Wow, you are almost to the finish line–or the closing table, in owning your own home! Is this real? Or a dream? You finally found the right home after walking through many, many doors. Most of the work is done at this point, but you should definitely do a final walk-through before the closing. Most buyers do a walk through the evening before or the morning of the closing. 

What is a final walk-through?

A final walk-through is not the home inspection. The home inspection occurred immediately after your offer was accepted. The final walk-through is the last look at the home before you take possession to make sure there have not been any unexpected changes to the property. 

What to look for?

Most likely the home will be empty, unless you and the seller have agreed on items that will remain in the home after the sale. The home should be cleaned out including all storage areas such as closets, garage, attic and basement. Make sure there isn’t any move-out damage and all repairs you requested have been made. Items that were included in the sale–light fixtures, window blinds, appliances should still be in place and in good condition. Use a checklist to guide you through this process. 

When we moved into our home, almost every room had area rugs and the basement storage had about 200 clothes hangers. I just wanted to get the closing done so we left the items in the house and closed. Bad idea. We had to drag these heavy, dirty, dusty rugs out of the house and they sat on the curb for about a week until large garbage pickup was scheduled. If you are not satisfied with the walk through, say something to your agent. It will save you headaches later.